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Welcome to

Terms of Services

we strictly follow our business term of condition. we commanded to our valuable customer before the place of your order please check our product version. if all is as your requires then please place your order.

Our business term of the condition is :

1. we will provide simply our server details to our clients as clients requirements.

2.we will provide all details as our website declared.

3.we will provide the same item to our clients as our clients selected during place of order.

4. all clients be careful to billing cycle by login our customer area, all clients need to login to our website for renewing product recurring payment timely

5.all clients will be paid 1 day before finished billing cycle date.

6.if any clients facing problem making payment via our website he must contact us via our contact page.

7. after received server details any clients can't be changed any configuration of the server.

8.if need to changed any contents of server need email first to for confirmation if can changed

9. if any clients remove or changed any configuration of server, then for refresh or for install clients bear one-time payment $69.(install charge)

10. after received product details our customer if need any assistance regarding our server so we obliged to assist to our customer and customer must be will do how way we teach to customer if any customer doesn't care way to use our server than any mistaking will care selfly and can't ask for refund payment

11. if we need to connect to our customer pc for assist to our server customer obliged to assist to us for connect, if not help us for connecting via TeamViewer for helping us than any happened of server will be responsible themselves,

12. with our all complete VOIP switch we provide also PC dialer to our clients, clients if need to also can be used any free PC dialer from around the world, but if our provided PC dialer not working we will resolve this anyhow, if free dialer not work we can't support for third party dialer

13. data center power transformer 10 min rest in every 60 days, for this all customer need to restart their own server after restart data center

stable version voipswitch installation full msi packages only 500 USD

I can give you latest or old version full msi package with 07 days tutorial

included with msi files:

voipswitch.msi v.2.0.185
vsm.msi v.2.1.141
vsc3.msi (v.3.1.18) or vsc.msi (v.3.1.18)
vsr3.msi or vsr.msi
vsportal.msi version 3...

vos3000 softSwitch onetime installation with extra secure firewall

300 CC VOS3000 ( -50.00$/onetime
300 CC VOS3000 ( -60.00$/onetime
300 CC VOS3000 ( -99.00$/onetime
300 CC VOS3000 ( -119.00$/onetime

1000 CC VOS3000 ( -60.00$/onetime
1000 CC VOS3000 ( -60.00$/onetime

Reseller 4 VOIP Billing For VoipSwitch One time Setup 4000 BDT

VISUAL-HD Level4 VOIP BILLING for VoipSwitch
VOIPSWITCH 2.1.985.119

BDT-4000/- per Setup
USD-50/- per Setup

Demo Link: (user+pass: admin)

Experience The VisualHD Hosting Difference!


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